Monday, March 7, 2011

What I have to say...

First let me type a little disclaimer here..

1. I will not apologize for anything I say or think.
2. If you truly don't like what I am saying- it's okay! Just don't read it. Go ahead, wallow in your self pity and unhappiness, waste your life crying about what could have been, should have been, and now won't be. If you are so down on yourself that you just want to give up without a fight, then this blog-to-be book is not for you. Goodbye.
3. If  you suck it up and read my words anyway and they make you angry- then I have done my job! I'm not here to pamper your bums, or pat your backs. I am here to kick you up off the ground and make you realize you can still live your life. Cancer is a DIAGNOSIS not a death sentence.
4. Cancer sucks. Yes it really does. But so does domestic violence, child abuse, world starvation, plane crashes, accidental shootings, and last but not least, puppy mills.  So see, you are not the only one suffering right now. Fortunately for you, something can be done about your problem.
5. I am NOT A DOCTOR. Anything I say is my opinion or thoughts only, and anything else that is actually proof positive will be given the appropriate linkage. Just so you know I am not running off at the mouth.

Any questions?

In that case... Shall we begin?


  1. Let's do it - you know that's one of the reasons I love you!

  2. Hey I learned from the best Kris. It's the loudmouths like us that get shit done!!!

  3. "Every society honors its live conformists and its dead troublemakers." Mignon McLaughlin

    I say lets make some trouble and get some changes made!

  4. Thank you Karen!!!! I say I agree with that!!!

  5. Woman Power!!

    Keep on going, Jen!

    Paul Genesse RN