Thursday, June 23, 2011


Let's talk for a minute about BEFORE. No, not before you were born, not before you were choosing colleges. BEFORE the day you found your lump or got your accidental diagnosis. ( Yeah those do exist- points to self)  What were you doing? Were you in college, taking a class to better your career? Perhaps waving goodbye to your husband or partner as they left for a business trip? Or taking your kids to and from school, and then spending the evening doing homework, dinner, bathtime and bed.....

All pretty normal stuff right? Yeah it is. Whatever it is that you were doing, is what your life was. You were more than likely happy with it, and life was good.  You woke up, started and ended your day and were never the wiser to that which is going to change your life.

But it's okay. I promise that your life as you know it does not stop completely when you get the news. You will still wake up the next day and breathe, and think and your heart will still be beating. It's what you do with your news and how you plan to fight your battle that defines you. Not your cancer.

And we will talk about that next time. For now, remember all the good in your life and remember you are not alone!!!

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